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Technology News

E-commerce Performance

Data Monday: E-commerce Performance May 21, 2012 by Luke Wroblewski Speed matters online. Study after study has shown that even 100 millisecond delays in load times negatively impact user experience and conversions. So it’s no wonder that e-commerce experiences are particularly susceptible to performance as these recent bits of data illustrate. The average Internet connection

Future of Money in mobile age

As adoption of advanced mobile devices such as smartphones has exploded in recent years, consumers have grown increasingly comfortable using their phones to transfer money, purchase goods, and engage in other types of financial transactions. Recent Pew Internet surveys find that one in ten Americans have used their cell phone to make a charitable contribution

How Is Search Engines Perform In 2012

How is Search Engines Perform In 2012 91% of search engine users say they always or most of the time find the information they are seeking when they use search engines. 73% of search engine users say that most or all the information they find as they use search engines is accurate and trustworthy 66%

Cliplets-Take Pictures out of Video

Cliplets-Take Pictures out of Video What Are Cliplets ?A still photograph is a limited format for capturing a moment in time. Video is the traditional method for recording durations of time, but the subjective “moment” that one desires to capture is often lost in the chaos of shaky camerawork, irrelevant background clutter, and noise that

Hyperconnected lives – Whats to do with you?

Hyperconnected lives In a survey about the future of the internet, technology experts and stakeholders were fairly evenly split as to whether the younger generation’s always-on connection to people and information will turn out to be a net positive or a net negative by 2020. They said many of the young people growing up hyperconnected

BBC News – BYOD: Bring your own device could spell end for work PC

BYOD: Bring your own device could spell end for work PC By Fiona Graham Technology of business reporter, BBC News Out with the old: You may find yourself using your own device – laptop, tablet and/or smartphone – for work whether you like it or not Do you dream of a world where you have