Analytics- Defining future

Analytics- Defining future

We all have heard of analytics, some say it is science, some say it is numbers and some say it is all charts which makes the top management happy. To some extent it is true as that is how it gets into an organisation. The real power of analytics can only be harvested if we start working on facts planned and derived by ourselves/consultants.

When is late – very late? The latest report from MIT below shows organizations have started adopting analytics to gain competitive advantage over competitors.

Analytics- Defining future-Nemage






Where do you stand and what advantage do you have? MIT findings below is based on a global survey of more than 4500 business managers, executives and analysts.  The table below should give you an insight on changes required by your organization in order gain advantage with analytics.








Use analytics to justify analytics – To adopt analytics it is always recommended to gather professionals in the industry to setup a sustainable information model for years to come and also to track the right things at the right time. Nemage has extensive experience in various analytics products and we can offer solutions based on your needs and budget.

Where can you gain advantage within your business, if you adopt analytics? You can identify target customers, identify marketing campaigns and enhance overall customer experience and you will see growth as below.




 What’s next? If you would like to know more about analytics please visit MIT to download detailed report.

If you need help in establishing analytics/customer insight  on how consumers behave and interact on-line – from product development and innovation to sales process, please contact us –