Nemage and Big Data

Nemage and Big Data

Big Data -Nemage

At Nemage we have worked with all kinds of data. The reason is because much of the data we currently work with is the direct consequence of Web 2.0, and of Moore’s Law applied to data. The websites has people spending more time online due to enhanced user experience suggested by Nemage, and leaving a trail of data wherever they go.

Nemage suggested  adoption of responsive design/ mobile first design to our clients for their mobile applications that leave an even richer data trail, since many of them are annotated with geolocation, or involve video or audio, all of which can be mined.

We can help retail customers by tracking Point-of-sale devices and frequent-shopper’s cards making it possible to capture all retail transactions, not just the ones they make online.

The data exhaust your customers leave behind whenever they visit your website, or like you on Facebook, or make a purchase
in your local store, we can help you with a strategy on how to carefully collect and analyze data. Our experience in data science has lead us to believe increased storage capacity demands increased sophistication in the analysis and use of your data. We help you find right partners to store your data and help you segment it your way.

The emergence of Big Data has lead many to believe they have to collect everything and analyse later. However that myth holds ground partially because the business landscape is changing so fast that the conditions last week is not the same this week. Parsing unstructured data is not a easy job hence we will help you  define right categories and attributes to build a custom data collection roadmap aligned to your business and help you with 3rd parties to provide sufficient training for your staff to benefit from our data strategy.

If you want to sanitize your historical unstructured data/product we can provide help and partners support to uplift your data strategy to slice and dice data historically. Please visit our Case Studies page to dig deeper on our work with enterprise clients. We also provide Social Media optimsation package if you want to work only with your external data.

Please feel free to contact Nemage regarding your existing data needs or to plan a data strategy for future.



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