Top 5 tips for link building

Top 5 tips for link building

link building  is one of way to do SEO, link building means  getting other sites to link to your website link.

A quality link helps you only if links directly to your website.If a link first goes to some type of ad-tracking server and then to your website then search engines won’t consider it too much.

Writing link worthy content is the best way to attract reader to link to your site. Here are top 5 tips for link building.

  1. Try to be original! Write quality stuff.

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    Top 5 tips for link building
  2. Avoid the sales pitch.
  3. Write for reader not for machine to read.
  4. Best to include images as well.
  5. Have a punchy headline is the plus!

Most of people consider to commenting on blogs.Yes,it is the one of way to do link building.Remember,when you leave a comment on the blog please remember to enter your web address and link back to your website.Before you start to do commenting, please note that most blog include ” nofollow ” links from comments.” Nofollow ” link does pass some value , just not as much as a regular link.

However if you own the big company website,you can ask your distribution partners or local retailers to link back to your website.Links from partners are often an untapped resource.


Ask for links it maybe a good way for link building. Most webmaster receive at least 10 emails about asking link exchange.And most of those request end up in the trash bin.For example,if you ask 1000 sites for links , maybe 1 percent listen,you will still get 10 links.If you have time then it may works for you.

Buy link? Actually it’s the black way to do link building.And Google already block most the website who sell the link in 2007.

So spending lot of money on links that end up worthless!


So,what is the best way to do link building? I will suggest you to create great link bait!

[list style=”check”]

  • Great link bait typically includes images.

    Top 5 tips for link building, link building, link bait, Buying links, link exchanges, link quality-2
    Link building strategy
  • Great link bait is easy to scan to read for reader.
  • Great link bait have a great and useful content for reader.
  • Great link bait have video to support content if possible.
  • [/list]
Top 5 Bad way doing link building:
  1. Sudden, unexplained link growth.
  2. Link from bad quality website.
  3. Sings that you are selling links.
  4. Sings that you are selling buying links.
  5. Any other sign that you are getting links purely to improve your ranking.

So, beware of bad way to do your link building. Do research on your competitor’s link is another way to see how your competitor do link building.This will give you a clue to understand how to do successful link building.

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