Business Analytics

Business Analytics
Nemage’ means “for you” in Kannada, a South Indian language.

@nemage’ we help retailers gain consumer visual analytics and facial detection tools to report the gender, age and other demographic information in a retail environment. The analytics help advertisers understand the effectiveness of ad-dollar spending in digital place-based media. Concept is very simple: track the movements of the customer, note what they are looking for and report back to you using our sophisticated data analysis and interpretation techniques.

Nemage Business Analytics

We offer our service to both paper displays and electronic displays.

The business community can use:

Nemage Selfpromote ™ : Personal Business Display
Nemage Crosspromote™ : Personal + Peer Business Display
Nemage Intelli-Display ™ : Personal + Peer Business Display + Tracking
Nemage Interact ™ : Personal + Peer Business Display + Tracking + Touch
Nemage Commerce ™ : Personal + Peer Business Display + Tracking + Touch + Sell


Business Analytics-Nemage-Business intelligence-
Business Analytics-Nemage-Business intelligence

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