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Gesture Control System Uses Sound Alone – Technology Review

Gesture Control System Uses Sound Alone


SoundWave lets an ordinary laptop function like a Kinect sensor.

Sound waving: SoundWave uses the Doppler effect and the microphone and speakers in your computer to sense and interpret gestures.

Microsoft Research

When you learned about the Doppler Effect in high school physics class—the wave frequency shift that occurs when the source of the wave is moving, easily illustrated by a passing ambulance—you probably didn’t envision it helping control your computer one day.

But that’s exactly what a group of researchers are doing at Microsoft Research, the software giant’s Redmond, Washington-based lab. Gesture control is becoming increasingly common and is even built into some TVs. While other motion-sensing technologies such as Microsoft’s own Kinect device use cameras to sense and interpret movement and gestures, SoundWave does this using only sound—thanks to the Doppler Effect, some clever software, and the built-in speakers and microphone on a laptop.

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Responsive design or a native app?

Businesses who wish to promote themselves on mobile platforms should be thinking of the pros and cons of native apps and responsively designed websites and not just jumping on the app bandwagon.

Pros of a native app:

  • Easily monetised
  • Access to device sensors
  • Once downloaded, the content is easily accessible
  • Content available offline

Pros of a responsive site:

  • Bypass the App Store approval process
  • No user intervention needed to download an app
  • Content distributed cross platform
  • Content updates driven by a CMS

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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling … – Technology Review

Much of the fun of the Sphero toy comes from its mysterious nature: it has no buttons, no battery cover, no socket for a charger.  The $130 Sphero is made by Orbotix, a company that Ian Bernstein and Adam Wilson originally founded to sell Bluetooth-based control technology to manufacturers of other devices. But Bernstein and Wilson were advised that the best advertisement for their technology would be a product; a consequent late-night brainstorming session spawned the Sphero


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Still Think Digital Advertising Is A Fad? |

Digital marketing isn’t a fad – it’s the future. And although it may be a notoriously difficult task to project the future; the most telling variable is what’s happening in the present.


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Backseat car window entertainment

Backseat boredom could become a thing of the past if experimental interactive glass technology finds its way into General Motors cars.Currently Backseat car window entertainment is in the prototype stage, a student project commissioned by GM envisages using smart glass technology to help rear seat passengers, particularly children, have a richer experience on the road.

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