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Basic Local SEO


Great for individuals.[pricing_table_row]Keywords:Up to 3[/pricing_table_row] [pricing_table_row]Local directory submissions:Up to 3[/pricing_table_row][pricing_table_row]Social Bookmarking:Up to 3[/pricing_table_row][pricing_table_row]Full reporting:Yes[/pricing_table_row][pricing_table_row]Support: MSN/SKYPE/QQ[/pricing_table_row][pricing_table_row] [paypal type=”add” name=”Basic Local SEO” amount=”49″] [/pricing_table_row] [/pricing_table_column][pricing_table_column highlight=”true”]

Pro Local SEO


Great for small businesses.[pricing_table_row]Keywords:Up to 6[/pricing_table_row] [pricing_table_row]Local directory submissions:Up to 6[/pricing_table_row] [pricing_table_row]Social Bookmarking:Up to 6[/pricing_table_row][pricing_table_row]Full Reporting:Yes[/pricing_table_row][pricing_table_row]Support: MSN/SKYPE/QQ[/pricing_table_row][pricing_table_row] [paypal type=”add” name=”Pro Local SEO” amount=”59″] [/pricing_table_row] [/pricing_table_column][pricing_table_column]

Premium Local SEO


Great for large busineses.[pricing_table_row]Keywords:Up to 9[/pricing_table_row][pricing_table_row]Local directory submissions:Up to 9[/pricing_table_row] [pricing_table_row]Social Bookmarking:Up to 9[/pricing_table_row][pricing_table_row]Full Reporting:Yes[/pricing_table_row][pricing_table_row]Support: MSN/SKYPE/QQ[/pricing_table_row][pricing_table_row] [paypal type=”add” name=”Premium Local SEO” amount=”69″] [/pricing_table_row] [/pricing_table_column][/pricing_table]

Local SEO Services | Pricing | Online marketing specialist

Nemage’ local SEO Services – We help local business to reach local customers online .

  1.  92% of all Internet users use a search engine to find information.

    Local SEO Services | Pricing |Online marketing agency
    Local SEO Services | Pricing |Online marketing agency
  2. There are 3 billion local searches a month.
  3. Over 50% of all purchases are preceded by an Internet search.
  4. 30%  of all search queries contain a city, state and zip code.

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  • No long term Contract .
  • We will help your business get listed in local SEO campaign.
  • We will optimize your Local listing and website for local search.
  • We provide a cost effective solution to local business to reach local customers online!
  • We will help you to build your website online marketing strategies.
  • We will help you to make online marketing plan that really works.

Our local SEO services:  Local SEO for Small  Business , Local Google maps optimization, Helping Small Local online Business .

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Here are some online marketing tips we want to share with you.

1.Get your social media channel on.

Do you know how many people are using social media in 2013?

Facebook user: 1 billion users; 604 million mobile users; More than 42 million pages and 9 million apps.

LinkedIn announced today that they have reached 200 million members.

Youtube: 800 million users, 4 billion views per day.

Twitter: 500 million total users, more than 200 million active users and much more.

Google+: 400 million registered users, 135 million active users and much more.

Chinese Sina Weibo: 400 million users and much more.

Chinese Badoo: 162 million users and much more.

We will see an increase in more targeted interactions within niche communities and it will be important to align strategies accordingly. So why not get on social media channel now for your online business?

 2. Review your website regularly.

Make sure your website works for you as best as it can.If it has the right calls to action ? Because it’s what you want the visitor to do.
Is it optimized for search? Is it updated regularly? Will you be found if someone types in relevant search phrases in Google? Can you measure where visitors are coming from? Can you determine who signed up for your newsletter from your website? No matter how good you think your website may look good, it might not be meeting all of your objectives.So make sure you review your website regularly and you don’t miss any new online update.

3.  Optimize your website with smartphone and tablets.

Is Your Website Optimized for Smartphones and Tablets? Mobile search is increasingly rapidly. How will you reach your customer if you don’t Optimize your website with smartphone and tablets?

Have you had a look recently what your website looks like on a smartphone? If you’d like some advice or help optimising your website for mobile devices, call us on 02031501427 or get in touch.

4. Having the online marketing project plan.

Having the right strategy will save your time and investment online.

If you want to discuss any of the above in more detail and how your firm can beat the competition in 2013, please telephone 02031501427 or complete our online enquiry form today.


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