Online Advertising- Pay Per Click

[half]What is online advertising Рpay per click  ?

What this means is that instead of earning positions as in the natural listings , you can pay to be seen.Foe example,Google divides its search engine real estate into two parts: 1. Natural listing  2. Sponsored listings. Natural listing as you know can not be bought,only earned through relevance,so good positions are only achievable through optimizing your website.[/half]

By using online advertising you will be appearing in the sponsored listings by agreeing to pay if someone clicks on your ads.At first this sounds very expensive but if managed correctly the cost involved are very reasonable considering the visibility and targeted traffic you will receive.You will only have to pay a fee when you receive clicks on your ad. This means that you will only pay when Google sends someone to your website.The price of your clicks will vary depending on the industry you are in and the competition bidding on your specific keywords.


So what is the benefits of online advertising?


  • Reach out to over 80 percent of internet users
  • Target specific countries or areas.
  • Gain an instant Google position.
  • Choose your own keywords.
  • Create your own ad,
  • Split test ads to increase efficiency.
  • Decide which page to take the searchers to.
  • Track conversions.
  • Select daily budget.


[half][highlight] This makes the sales process easier as you do not have to convince people to buy what you are selling- they are already looking for it. [/highlight] [/half]


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