Location: London

Salary: High commission based

Date posted: 11/Oct/2013 22:20

Job type: Permanent

Company: Nemage Internet marketing agaency

About Nemage’ Ltd

Internet Marketing – SEO/PPC/SMO Service


We have over 15 years of collective experience in managing online business highly qualified & experienced search engine optimizer, programmers, content writers, Web developer/designer and external agencies. We have proven records of getting top ranks on web’s most competitive keywords using White-hat SEO optimization at the foundation level of layout/design and architecture to maintain top SEO positions.

Over 6 years of successful experience with interpreting the algorithms of Search Engines with extremely high rates of placement for specific targeted keyword phrases. We have introduced an approach to incorporating social media optimization to augment the traditional SEO offerings already in place. We specialize in helping companies strategically market their brand on all relevant social/commercial platforms and enhance their product’s offering.

An exciting and immediate opportunity has opened up in our rapidly expanding London based internet marketing agency and we’re looking for an experienced Sales Executive to join our team for an immediate or ASAP start.

You will be working day to day with and reporting directly to the Sales Director, performing a variety of functions, including but not limited to:

Maintaining and developing existing relationships, pitching and increasing business with retail prospects and digital marketing agencies by phone and in person .

Putting together sales proposals

Essential skills:

• Experience in selling digital marketing, preferably but not essentially SEO or link building or PPC

• The ability to build relationships with retail prospects and digital marketing agencies of all sizes

• An understanding of SEO, PPC and link building

• Business development skills

• The ability to discuss technical concepts with colleagues & clients at with levels of understanding

• The ability to get stuff done!

Desirable skills:

• Knowledge of SEO, link building and PPC

• Understanding of Google Analytics

• A knowledge of conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

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Chinese version Blog

PPC – Pay Per Click – 競價排名

PPC – Pay Per Click – 競價排名-付費點擊廣告。

PPC 是英文Pay Per Click的縮寫形式 [中文意思就是付費點擊廣告。付費點擊廣告是目前市場最常用的網絡廣告形式。價格低廉且效果非常好。例如谷哥Google, 冰MSN-Bing首頁上的廣告收費大致上算法如下: 起價+點擊數x每次點擊的價格。

每次點擊的價格不一定, 網頁優化越完全的網頁,價格費用會越低廉,所以通常我們都會建議客戶搭配SEO下去做,進而得到較便宜的點擊價格。 PPC – Pay Per Click 提供點擊付費的網站非常多,目前主要的網路搜尋引擎如- Google、 百度、Yahoo 雅虎、Bing、搜狐、新浪等等。

然而PPC 競價排名 , 關鍵詞廣告是一門專業的課程,不是一兩天就可以運作自如,需考慮的因素諸如 每日預算、競爭對手的分析、投資報酬率分析等等。 Nemage'(您買給公司)了解客戶的需求,我們會深入了解您的目標市場,以及您的銷售客戶, 進而幫您規劃、分析您的銷售市場,讓您每一分小錢都花在刀口上!!!達到最好的競價,最好的結果!!!

PPC - Pay Per Click - 競價排名-付費點擊廣告

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